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Anthony Sills

Copywriter & Content Marketer

Anthony Sills is a direct-response copywriter on a mission to eliminate boring marketing. He's written copy for eBay, SEMrush, IBM, American Express, Infusionsoft and many exciting startups.

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How Cloud Computing technology is influencing procurement

Analysts suggest that by 2020 more than 50% of infrastructure will be outside the data center. What should Procurement, Sourcing, and Human Resource Professionals know to be ready?

Predictions 300x200 article

Procurement 2016: Big Trends and Predictions -

Beeline sponsored a webinar, "2016 Procurement: Big Trends and Predictions" to help you and your team prepare for what will be a very interesting year for the procurement function.

Green globe 300x200 article

Elements of a Successful Global Expansion (and How to Prepare ...

Enterprise companies who rely on contingent labor can reap the benefits of deploying their MSP/VMS globally and increase their odds of success by learning how to successfully do a global program rollout.

Talent acquisition 300x179 article

Winning the War for Talent -

If you want to continue to attract top-tier talent, you need to be ready for what's coming down the pike.

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How to Get Everyone in Your Organization to Act Like a CPO ...

Research shows that "76 per cent of chief procurement officers (CPOs) feel the skills of their purchasing staff either 'need improvement' or display a 'significant gap' so this post will give tips on how to build a "procurement mentality" in staff.

Hires 286x300 article

Designing Talent Strategies for the Future

HR and procurement are at a crossroads. Research from Ardent Partners predicts the use of contingent labor will increase by nearly 30 percent over the next three years, and that contractors and temporary workers will make up 1/5 of the workforce by 2022. With a war for talent already underway, it is clearly time to adapt.

Cape hero 300x200 article

Could Procurement Be the Hero We've All Been Waiting For? -

Procurement and sourcing teams are uniquely positioned to help make a bottom line impact--not just in purchasing--but across the organization.

Whitepaper data security article

The Importance of Data Security and Protecting Your Confidential Information

In the wake of numerous data and privacy breaches, many organizations are renewing their efforts to protect their data. As technology evolves, there will be even more opportunities for security breaches, which is why data security has become such a serious concern for so many organizations. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can develop a first-class data security strategy that will help you protect your data and other business assets.

Contingent workers engaged 300x171 article

5 Tips for Improving Your Contingent Workers' Experience

Discover five tips for improving the overall experience of your contingent workers.

Handshake 300x200 article

3 Simple Ways to Help Your Contingent Labor & Full-Time ...

Learn how to promote harmony among your full-time employees and your contingent workforce.

Beeline operational efficiency gears 300x195 article

Are You Making the Most Out of Your Technology? 3 Tips for Getting ...

Learn three actionable tips for getting the most value from VMS or MSP solutions.

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7 Ways to Improve Your CWP...Right Now -

How can you improve your contingent workforce program (CWP) as fast as possible?

Building workforce strategy with big data article

Unlock the Power of Big Data: How to Build an Effective Workforce Strategy

Big data. We talk about it every day. We have all heard that better data leads to better decisions. Well, if it is so helpful, why are so many of us struggling to make sense of how to use big data to benefit our businesses and workforce strategy?

Fast-track Your Procurement in Emerging Markets

Fast-track Your Procurement in Emerging markets offer so many potential benefits that they seem irresistible. Fast-growing emerging markets dangle the proverbial carrot of huge savings, but how can you realize that value without increasing your risk? Procurement, sourcing, and HR professionals who want to understand and succeed in an emerging market have a lot of responsibility.

Preparing for Impact: The Effects of the Affordable Care Act on ...

It is one of the hottest topics in contingent workforce management (CWM) this year, and for good reason. As rumors swirl and the talking heads make predictions, we must try to figure out how the ACA will affect the non-employee workforce. Sometimes, it is tough to separate fact from fiction.